Collection: Paulownia Timber

EARTH CLAD DIY SYSTEMS created by Maywood..........

  standard sizes                                                                                                                        2700 x 250mm    2400 x 250mm    900 x 250mm     (custom orders considered)

Super strong and super light this amazing, latest in design DIY system is perfect for the novice, the weekend warrior and professionals a like.  It's lightest in design and natural acoustic qualities make Earth Clad perfect for home, the office, automotive, marine and the aviation industry.                                                                                  

 The world’s most sustainable Earth positive premium DIY cladding system  created in Australia from sustainably grown Australian Paulownia.

 We grow, mill and handcraft every panel in Australia.

 Earth clad is super light, super strong and will last generations. It can be installed directly from the box to give an amazing natural coastal feel, transforming any room in minutes. It can also be easily stained or tinted to match your requirements.

 Our sustainable cladding is the most amazing earth friendly DIY product on the planet!