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Maywood, Australia.

Sample Earth clad raw bungalow raw 150mm x250mm

Sample Earth clad raw bungalow raw 150mm x250mm

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EARTH CLAD created by maywood 

   150mm x 250mm per panel    

   *Shipped the next day Australian order only.

   No more lengthy shipping delays from China


The world’s most sustainable Earth positive premium DIY cladding system created in Australia form sustainably grown Australian paulownia. 

 We grow ,mill and handcraft every panel in Australia.

 Earth clad is super light, super strong and will last generations.                         It can be installed directly out of the box to give an amazing natural, coastal   feel transforming any room in minutes. Or it can be easily stained or tinted to   match any timber you require.

 Our sustainable cladding is the most amazing earth friendly DIY product on  the planet. 

 EARTH CLAD can be painted , stained ,clear coated  ,waxed or oiled in any finish you desire  

Installation instructions

3 easy steps to apply to your wall ,roof or anywhere you desire …

Step 1: Cut to size (if needed) with a small hand saw  

Step 2: Apply quick set liquid nails or double sided tape see instructions in pack or our Instagram feed for more detail

Step 3: Apply each panel to the wall allowing 10-20 seconds hold time….  And be amazed 


Has environmental benefits!! This product is a carbon positive product, each panel has taken 11 tonnes of carbon from our planet before it was harvested allowing the next generation to grow from the original trunk 

Everything is from the earth and will all go back to the earth. 

Vision is future sibling 

As part of your cladding You can even purchase a sibling paulownia tree that’s DNA matched to your cladding

Each sibling tree will remove an average of 3 -5  tonnes of carbon from your home every year. After the first year 

And could even be the next generation of EARTH CLAD!

Or your next wooden surfboard!


inspiring the planet 




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