Collection: Maywood Long Boards

The Maywood Longboard is a creative collaboration between Maywood and the incredible Lily Rose.

She is a fluidic stylist in and out of the water and her soft touch and eye for detail is allowing her to create unique shapes. 

All of Lily's boards are hand shaped using some traditional methods but she often finds herself only governed by feelings and her eye for detail this is what makes every board so special and allows it to carry an amazing vibe in and out of the water.

All boards are slightly different due to being hand shaped and constructed with our hand milled stringers that are sustainably sourced from the Maywood farm on the mid north coast of NSW. 

We are currently only offering a 9'6 all rounder please don’t request sizes it’s 9'6 and that’s it if you don’t love it bring it back for a full refund.

You can also commission a board from Lily from time to time, just reach out in the link below: